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Published: 13th August 2012
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World tourism got off to a amazingly sound begin in the first four months of 2008, while vagueness over the global economic situation is affecting consumer assertion and could hurt tourism demand. When it comes to picking the purpose we love the most, we tend to settle towards large cities with a rich history like London and Rome or those with sole attractions such as Sydney’s city beaches and the catching profligacy of Las Vegas. Some of our favorites are not even cities but countries or entire regions. France is the most visited country by tourists as the country is rich in ethnicity and has some of the finest places to see. Villas in France, the French wine and weather make a implausible reason to see the country. Italy an important tourist destination in Europe is a most wanted with honeymooners and all romantic souls. USA is a top destination for tourists. Holidays in USA are an experience in miscellany as the country is diverse in its weather conditions, the composition of the population and the topography.

Top Tourist Places in World:-

Paris:- One of the most trendy and quixotic cities in the world! Perennially popular Paris continues to seduce and beckon lovers of food, fashion, architecture and all things French.

Rome:- Bustling and dramatic. Rome, old and new, has long captured the hearts and minds of travelers the world over.

Kayamkulam:- Kayamkulam is a small village on the western coast of India in the state of Kerala. Washed by the waters of the Arabian Sea, the place is almost central from Alleppey and Quilon, both of which connect the Kerala backwaters. The place is connected by rail and road with other cities in the region as well as other parts of the country.

Thiruvananthapuram:- Trivandrum (official name Thiruvananthapuram), lying on the southwest coast of India, is the capital to the state of Kerala. The city extends from latitude 8°29' N to longitude 76°59' E. The place is well connected to most of the other major cities of India through rail, road, and air network.

Bangkok:- Hot, clammy and addictive, Bangkok buzzes with activity day and night while still remaining manifestly and grandly Thai.

Los Angeles:- The city of dreamers, celebrities and wannabes–continues to mesmerize and magnetize stargazers the world over.

Barbados:- The tourist attraction of a thrilling kind, vacationing in the Caribbean creates an album full of memories. Barbados is the largest island in the Caribbean and a place which is full of caves, providing an experience for adventure lovers.

Munnar:- Munnar is a small hill station set amongst the Kannan Devan hills. It is famous for its luxuriant green surroundings, lakes, reservoirs, forests, and tea estates. The quiet environs of Munnar attract the traveler to relax in the lap of Mother Nature. Munnar also beacons the adventure-seeking traveler, who is interested in paragliding. It has some of the highest tea estates in the world.

Dubai:- While you may be tempted to max out your credit card, Dubai is not all gold souks, world-class hotels and shopping malls. We’re hoping more visitors will uncover Dubai’s real side in 2012.

Varkala:- Varkala, a new destination in Kerala, is for those who prefer to do entirely nothing while holidaying. Due to a brim over resulting from the over diffusion of Kovalam, foreigners started coming to the town about six years ago. The trend that started as a drop became a steady flow within two years. Today, there is a constant stream of visitors.

Kuala Lumpur:- Exhilarating cuisine, modern shopping malls, gleaming skyscrapers and a captivating history; Malaysia’s modern metropolis of Kuala Lumpur never fails to excite us.

Singapore:- Singapore may be Southeast Asia’s cleanest city but its cuisine is downright delicious to boot. When you’ve had your fill of hawker food, kick back at the bastion of colonial grandeur, Raffles Hotel.

Lovisa Vendela writes articles for Top World Places. She also writes articles for Indian Tourist Place.

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