Fair and Festivals of India

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Published: 13th August 2012
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The culture of India is fittingly reflected through its plentiful festivals and fairs. Highlighting the true spirit of the Indian people and their society, the Indian festivals find their pedigree in the traditions, religious beliefs, myths and the seasons of the country. The fairs and festivals either celebrate the change of seasons or are of a religious nature. For instance, Mewar Festival and Holi are celebrated to mark the coming of the spring season. Teej of Rajasthan marks the arrival of the monsoon. On the other hand, Onam in Kerala and Bihu in Assam are celebrated to mark the harvesting season. Other festivals, like the konark Dance Festival, endorse the culture of India. Indian Festivals celebrated by wide-ranging cultures and through their extraordinary rituals add to the colours of Indian Heritage. Some festivals greet the seasons of the year, the yield, the rains, or the full moon. Others celebrate religious juncture, the birthdays of celestial beings, saints, and gurus (respected teachers), or the advent of the New Year. Countless these festivals are common to most parts of India, however they are celebrated in their own way in different parts of the country. There are a number of fairs and festivals in the country depicting rich culture, custom and tradition of the country. Every year several festivals and fairs are celebrated in India. Indians celebrate fairs and festivals with great zeal and enthusiasm. People say that India is land of enjoyment and cavort.

Nevertheless the shortest month of the calendar year, February hosts some of the most colourful and sought after celebrations. Fairs such as the Surajkund Crafts Mela at Surajkund in the Delhi NCR region, Goa Carnival, Konark Dance & Music Festival and many others, make the immensity of the celebrations in February. All Indian fair and festivals have large numbers of diversity according to the culture, life style, language, religion of each states and region, like Durga Puja (Navaratri) is major festivals of West Bengal, Ganapati in Maharashtra, also in the western and eastern parts of India, Pongal in Tamilnadu, Onam in Kerala, Goa Carnival, Christmas and New Year in Goa, car Festival of Puri, Pushkar fair in Rajasthan, Snake boat fair in Kerala, Holi in North India, Kumbh Mela in Haridwar and Varanasi, republic day in Delhi, Diwali is the festivals which is celebrated with almost equal sprit all over India The fairs and festivals of India are held according to the lunar calendar. During these colorful events people of all sects, castes and religions come together and join in the festivities.

Processions are held, prayers are offered, gifts are exchanged and people dance and sing during these vibrant events. It comes to true when it is festive season in the country. People of all age and even women take part in fairs and festivals of India. Durga Pooja, Holi, Diwali, Pongal, Christmas, Onam, Hemis Festival, Pushkar Fairs & Festivals, Bikaner Cattle Fair, Gangaur Festival, Elephant Festivals, etc are some famous fairs and festivals of India. Indian fairs and festivals play a major role in the boom of tourism of India. Indian Fair and festivals are not only heart of attraction for home people but also are keenly observed by globe trotters as well. Joy and cheerfulness at Indian festivals is enjoyed with great passion and joviality by respective societies and communities. There is a festival in India for every change of season, in respect and honor of saints and gurus. The festivals in India are resources of enjoyment and gaiety for every person irrespective of his age group. The festival tour packages are planned to make it a pleasurable landing for tourist around the time of celebration of some of the most popular fairs and festivals in India on precise destinations. Several admired festivals tours provided by us are Bikaner Camel fair tour, goa fair tour, Jaisalmer desert festival, Pushkar camel carnival tour and others. To have more information regarding India festival tour packages feel free to contact us.

Popular Festivals in India:-

1. Diwali
2. Ganesh Chaturthi
3. Holi
4. Navaratri, Dussehra, and Durga Puja
5. Krishna Janmashtami/Govinda
6. Kerala Temple Festivals
7. Onam
8. Pushkar Camel Fair
9. Desert Festival
10.Yuru Kabgyat Festival

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